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Hybrid Battery Repair

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As an EV or hybrid owner, you don't have time for your car battery to fail and you certainly didn't ask for lower MPG. That's why our team is dedicated to repairing, reconditioning, or replacing your electric car or hybrid battery and getting your car back to 100% efficiency.

We are located in Indianapolis, IN and offer hybrid battery repair and hybrid battery replacement.


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At hybridbatteryrepairservice.com, our goal is to provide a cost-effective way to keep hybrids on the road for as long as possible. We think it would be a terrible shame for these incredibly energy efficient, eco-friendly vehicles to go out of service just because of an out-of-warranty battery and the cost to replace it. As the owners of Motorcells we understand the value that used vehicles and especially used hybrids offer to people and their families. Our goal is to keep hybrids on the road for a long, long time and we have found that hybrid battery repair is the smartest, most cost-effective way to do that.

And, to remind you why you bought a hybrid in the first place, feel free to check out FuelEconomy.gov Savings Calculator or the Climate Clock!

In addition to getting you back on the road fast, we aim to provide you with easy, no-hassle service from initial call or e-mail all the way through handing you back the keys to your repaired hybrid, EV, or Prius. Please Contact Us as soon as possible to receive a no-obligation phone consultation and custom price quote. Give us a call and we'll do our best to answer right away or call you back within 15 minutes! We want you to have a great experience repairing your hybrid with us.