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It Starts With A Proper Diagnosis

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We specialize in Toyota Prius hybrid battery repair.

1. Hybrid Battery Problems


Having trouble with your prius or hybrid battery? Poor performance, indicator lights, and car not starting are all signs of potential hybrid battery problems.

2. Pro Diagnosis


It all starts with proper diagnosis. We travel to your vehicle's location and perform a comprehensive diagnostic. It's common for dealerships and brake shops to misdiagnose Prius and other hybrid battery issues.

3. Hybrid Battery Repair


We repair, recondition, or replace your Prius hybrid or hybrid battery and warranty the work for up to 12 months.

Toyota Parts Dept.

$3,000 +

HIGH PRICE, Short Warranty

  • Toyota Uses The Same Process We Do To Refurbish Their Batteries
  • These Are Not All New Cells
  • High Cost
  • 12-Month Warranty

Other Refurbished


High Price, Slow Service

  • High Cost
  • Slow service
  • Mobile-only
  • Questionable Warranty Claims
  • no loaner car available

CAUTION: Anyone offering more than a 24 month warranty on a refurbished battery is not being straightforward. Ask us why even Toyota doesn't do it.

Hybrid Battery Repair, Prius Battery Repair

Get the battery repairs your Prius or other hybrid needs now

Hybrid (HV) Battery Repair

Bring your vehicle to our shop in Indianapolis or, for a small additional travel fee, our service technician can visit your location throughout Greater Indiana and neighboring states.

We perform an expert diagnostic of your Prius or hybrid vehicle. If it is an HV hybrid battery issue we repair, recondition, and warranty your newly refurbished battery.

We offer up to a 36-month warranty.

Prius HV Battery Guide

We've fixed thousands of Toyota Prius HV batteries and have developed this guide for understanding your options:

Prius Battery Guide

Chad and his services are trustworthy and transparent. He takes the time to list out options, prices, and important, detailed information of the whole battery process. He educates you and makes certain that you understand everything and answers all questions before proceeding. Even most important, he takes the additional time out of his busy schedule to build a relationship and connect. I appreciate the fast but quality worth work... not to mention the grand or two he saved my bank account from 🙂
DCMA beyond
DCMA beyond
14:01 19 Mar 18
After a diagnosis at the Toyota dealership of failed hybrid battery on my 2007 Prius with 140K miles and an estimate of $4500 to replace , I took a week to research options. Found Chad at Hybrid & EV Battery Repair, an Indianapolis area local shop that repaired my hybrid in 24 hours at a huge cost savings of several thousand dollars over replacing with a new battery from Toyota. With an 18 month warranty and GREAT customer service, I am very pleased and recommend CC Motors highly.
Emily Mattler
Emily Mattler
19:28 21 May 18
Great honest service. I recommend Chad to do any hybrid battery work you may need. We got one day service. His expertise brought my 2007 Toyota Prius to new car performanc. Couldn't be happier. The best warranty I've ever seen in writing.
Betty Blankenship
Betty Blankenship
15:01 17 Mar 18
I'm very please with the service that was provided. Chad was very knowledgeable about the Hybrid Battery Service. He explained the process and answered all my questions. Highly skilled and very professional, I would recommend this company.
leon collins
leon collins
04:34 05 Dec 17
Chad did a good job and saved us a lot of money. Our Prius is running great after he repaired the battery.
Lynette Quinn
Lynette Quinn
15:26 21 Oct 17


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At hybridbatteryrepairservice.com, our goal is to provide a cost-effective way to keep hybrids on the road for as long as possible. We think it would be a terrible shame for these incredibly energy efficient, eco-friendly vehicles to go out of service just because of an out-of-warranty battery and the cost to replace it. As the owners of Motorcells we understand the value that used vehicles and especially used hybrids offer to people and their families. Our goal is to keep hybrids on the road for a long, long time and we have found that hybrid battery repair is the smartest, most cost-effective way to do that.

And, to remind you why you bought a hybrid in the first place, feel free to check out FuelEconomy.gov Savings Calculator or the Climate Clock!

In addition to getting you back on the road fast, we aim to provide you with easy, no-hassle service from initial call or e-mail all the way through handing you back the keys to your repaired hybrid, EV, or Prius. Please Contact Us as soon as possible to receive a no-obligation phone consultation and custom price quote. Give us a call and we'll do our best to answer right away or call you back within 15 minutes! We want you to have a great experience repairing your hybrid with us.